Debt Recovery Specialists in the Netherlands

We are a dutch collection agency of choice that delivers superior customer service with high returns and successfully recovering your outstanding debts with certified and experienced collectors thriving in an empowered workplace.               

- from letters of demand to full litigation process via Dutch courts

- No joining fee, legal costs only on your instructions 

- Rate 7 % of the payments based on No Cure No Pay

- Forward copies of correspondence from Debtors to you
- Verify checks through a national data base
- No banking with your money !!

- Member of the Federation of European Credit Management Assoc.

Nederlandse Incassodienst

P.O.Box 736, 5600 AS Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Download here an example of your friendly demand letter

Download here an example of your last demand letter to your Client

Improve your debt recovery

The faster you get paid, the better your cashflow position and the sooner you can put the funds to good use. So there's no point in complaining about your cashflow if you're not chasing up all the money owed to you the minute it falls due.

Don't fool yourself - your efforts are best spent collecting payment, not getting in new business. It has been estimated that a company needs to bring in five times the sum owed in extra sales to recover the loss associated with every bad debt.


Keeping track of debts

It is important to devise a clear system for chasing payment. This may involve written statements, telephone calls, official letters, final demands etc. It is also advisable to define when each of these is triggered, and to ensure that this policy is followed in every case.

Telephone calls may be a valuable means of chasing payment, particularly with longer-term customers with whom you have built a strong trading relationship. However, remember that you may need to have written proof of your attempts to chase payment, so don't be afraid to follow up your calls with an appropriate letter confirming the outcome of any discussions.

The following is an example of a debt tracking policy. Once established, it is important that all staff stick to the policy in their dealings with all customers.

  • Before supply - Get customer's acceptance of your terms and conditions of business

  • Month end - Issue written statement of account

  • 30 days - Payment now due reminder

  • 35 days - Phone call to customer accounts payable department - define and solve any reason for late payment.

  • Issue Final Demand notice

  • 40 days - Phone call to customer - identify any outstanding reason for payment failure.

  • Letter outlining that account will go on stop at 45 days

  • 50 days - Letter confirming account on stop

  •  days - Solicitor's letter outlining intention to proceed with county court action if payment not received within 7 days

  • 60 days - Instruct solicitors to commence county court action

  • Send to Debt Recovery Specialists in the Netherlands

Debt recovery

Five top tips for better debt recovery

  1. Define a structured approach to debt recovery and stick to it with every customer - be reasonable, firm and consistent.

  2. Immediately confirm the outcome of relevant phone conversations in writing.

  3. Be assertive and logical - not emotional - in the face of hostility.

  4. If the client is withholding payment owing to a problem with your goods or service, attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

  5. Do not issue threats unless you intend to carry them through, and remember that it's your right under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act to apply late payment charges to overdue bills.